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Third day of competition

China and the Czech Republic started the match well: within the first two minutes of play, the score was 1-1. China scored their sixth goal only 5 seconds to the end of the match, for a final result of 6-4.

The Poles took on Thailand today, and ended the first half of the match in the lead, 1 to nothing. However, the Thais turned the game around in the second half and wound up winning, 4-2.

Ukraine beat Israel 6 to nothing, with Israel playing with only four for a few minutes due to an expulsion from accumulation of two yellow cards.

Even though they still don't have a goalie, Kazakhstan kept Oman at bay from their goal posts and finished the match with a win, 7-2.

The Spanish scored the first goal of the match only two minutes in, and Brazil spent the rest of the match trying to make up the score. After a very tense match, they brought the score to a draw only two minutes to the end.

Portugal beat Azerbaijan 6 to nothing, with Azerbaijan accumulating five fouls before the end of the match.

In the women's tournament, the French, who had lost 11-0 against Portugal yesterday, lost again to Brazil, 13-2.

Finally, the Spanish womens' team came to the same score as the male: 1-1 against Portugal, with Spain only achieving the draw four minutes away from the final whistle.

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Second day

It was an exciting day in the championship, as seven matches took place today.
In the men’s tournament, Poland overcame Israel by scoring in the last two minutes of the match, for a final result of 2-1.

Ukraine and Thailand came to the same final score, with Ukraine making the winning goal at only one minute to the end.

Unlike these two matches, Russia and the Czech Republic’s match seemed to be resolved very early on – the 4 goals that Russia had scored by half time only grew into a 6-0 before the final whistle.

The second half of the match between Kazakhstan and Spain began with the expulsion of the Kazakhstani goal keeper, who, due to lack of a substitute, left behind an open goal, leading to a final score of 6-2 for Spain.

Finally, Brazil beat Oman in a fast-paced match that ended in 3-1.
In the womens’ tournament, Russia faced Brazil and lost 4 to nothing. Brasil scored their first goal within three minutes of kick-off.

The biggest scorers of the day, however, were the Portuguese women’s team, who beat France with a score of 11-0.

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Opening Ceremony

"Here in this beautiful city, you will find a place to compete that is full of Portuguese history and culture." That's what President of the Organizing Comittee Luís Rodrigues told athletes at the Opening Ceremony that took place yesterday afternoon in the historical centre of Braga.

At the Opening Ceremony of the World University Championship (WUC) Futsal 2012, athletes from all 14 countries involved in the competition were introduced to the city of Braga. The Dean of the host University, António Cunha, declared the championship officially open.

Later, at 10pm, at the PEB, the first match of the male tournament took place between France and Portugal. The game ended with a Portuguese win at 6-0, with Amílcar Gomes scoring 4 of those goals.

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Ready to Start

The University will host two World University which will take place almost simultaneously, soccer and chess will take place in Braga and Guimarães, events within the scope of the European Youth Capital and European Capital of Culture respectively.
The World University Futsal Championship, which is now in its 13th edition, takes place between 18-25 August in the city of Braga. The World University Chess Championship this year is its 12th edition, taking place between 19 and 26 August. Sporting events are an organization assigned by the International Federation of University Sports (FISU) to the Academic University Sports Federation (FADU) in partnership with the University of Minho (UMinho) and the Academic Association of the University of Minho (AAUM).
The start of the Futsal World Championship takes place tomorrow, August 18th with the Opening Ceremony at 19:00 in the Republic Square in Braga. On Sunday, August 19, follows the Opening Ceremony of the World Chess and will be at 21h30 at Largo da Oliveira - Guimarães.
It is expected for the Futsal Championship in the European Youth Capital - 2012, about 500 participants from 16 different countries from 4 continents. The city receives the main sport of the University Sports, where Portugal has been shown to be at the highest level of international soccer. On the other hand, Guimarães, European Capital of Culture will host the top Chess University, which will mobilize more than 150 participants representing 22 different countries of 4 continents.
With only one day to the start of the World University Futsal Championship participating teams are almost all national territory and the Sports Complex in Gualtar UMinho - Braga already lives the bustle of the big international events. Campus gets new life with many people from all over the world, being the "command center of operations" of Futsal.

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Everything is ready...

Two days into the World University Futsal Championship participating teams have already begun to reach the University of Minho. In the Sports Complex in Gualtar UMinho - Braga commotion has been great for the accreditation of participants, having come so far the teams from Brazil (Male and Female), Azerbaijan (Male), Oman (Male), Thailand (Male), Poland and Portugal (Male and Female).
This is the 13th edition of the event will feature 14 male teams and five women. Is expected the arrival of the Russian teams (Women), China (male), Israel (male), France (Women), Spain (female), Ukraine (Male) and Czech (male).
With the sporting facilities ready to receive the major international event, the opening match will be 18 days by 22:00 in the Exhibition of Braga (PEB) between Portugal and France.
The opening ceremony will be at the Republic Square in the center of the city of Braga by 19:00.

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