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Action Training by Orlando Duarte

Held today, the 25th in the morning, in the pavilion of Gualtar, an action futsal training, taught by Orlando Duarte, a former national selector absolute and university. The action was organized under the World University Futsal Championship taking place in Braga, and had the support of AFBraga.

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Russia and Ukraine will face off in the finals

Russia and Ukraine will play for the gold tomorrow. Russia smashed Thailand eight to one today, while Ukraine beat Portugal with a more modest one to nothing. Portugal and Thailand will also be facing each other tomorrow, for the last slot on the podium.

Spain and Brazil will be playing each other again tomorrow, for the fifth spot in the championship. Spain defeated Azerbaijan 4-1 and Brazil beat China with an astonishing score of 13 to nothing.

In the female championship, though Brazil is already champion, the slots for the silver and bronze medals are still open. Spain put itself in a good position to win silver by beating Russia in today's game, 4-2.

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Ukraine, Thailand, Russia and Portugal move on to the semi-finals and Brazil womens' team is champion

The competition becomes harder as we come nearer the end on Saturday. Today, the womens' competition already has a winner - Brazil won by beating Spain today only three to two, with the winning goal scored with thirty seconds to play. The match between France and Russia was evenly fought, with Russia only overcoming France in the second half, for a score of 4-2.

In the mens' tournament, today it was decided who moves on to the semi-finals. Brazil played Ukraine and made it tied to half time, but Ukraine scored twice in the second half and won 3-1. In the mean time, Portugal beat China 8-1. The difference was not as large before China decided to play with five, leaving the goal open for Portugal to score four more goals.

Russia and Thailand will also face off in the semi-finals. Thailand beat Spain in an exciting match this afternoon, where Thailand wound up winning 1-0. Russia defeated Azerbaijan four to nothing, in a more one-sided match.

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Rest day in competition

For the men, the groups' stage ended yesterday, and now those who made it through to the quarter-finals must prepare to face their opponents on Thursday and Friday. For the women, having each team played a few matches, it's time to regroup and stategize for the next match, which may already decide a champion.

On rest day, the teams are free to choose whether to rest, practice in the training facilities, or see the sights of Braga and the region of Minho, that is hosting the event.

Tomorrow afternoon, the competition will kick back into gear, with Russia facing France and Brazil facing Spain in the womens' tournament, and the quarter-finals playing out for the men.

In the morning, the men's competition will also take place, but only for those who didn't make it through to the quarter-finals, who will be playing for places 9th through 16th. The competition to the quarter-finals will take place in the afternoon.

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A very exciting match took place today between Thailand and Israel, with both teams struggling to overcome one another throughout - it ended with a win for Thailand, 6 to 5.

Poland made it to half-time winning 3-2 against Ukraine, but in the second half the Ukrainians made up the difference, and wound up winning 5-3.

Russia defeated China by a large margin, scoring ten times before the final whistle. Russia will now play Azerbaijan in the quarter-finals.

In a game where Spain kept full control throughout both parts, Oman took 7 to nothing. Spain moves on to the quarter-finals now to take on Thailand, while Oman will tackle Poland.

Brazil beat Kazakhstan only two to one in a very disputed game, full of yellow cards. Now Brazil will take on the Ukraine, and Kazakhstan will play Israel.

Azerbaijan beat France with a difference of four - although the first half was fairly balanced, it was in the second half that things got decided. Azerbaijan moves on to the quarter-finals against Russia.

In the ladies' tournament France lost eight to one against Spain. Portugal and Russia tied at three goals.

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