Fisu futsal history

FISU was founded in 1949 as the world governing body of national university sports organisations and has over 150 member associations from 5 continental regions.

Since the 1960’s, FISU has supervised over 150 World University Championships, covering a large scope of events (mostly different from the Universiade program) and gathering over 30000 participants from more than 140 countries.

Through the years, new sports have been added to the WUC program and in 2008, 29 championships were organised for over 6000 participants from 90 countries.

Futsal started in FISU in 1982 in Brazil, returning only 8 years later to the WUC calendar. Since then, it has continuously figured on the program, growing equally in size, participation and interest.

The sport has progressed so fast that in 2008, FISU hosted the 1st Women’s WUC – and effectively the first ever world level competition in the sport, attracting much support and even acclaim from FIFA, the futsal world governing body.

In the men’s event’s history, 6 countries have won the title: Brazil (4), Russia (3), Ukraine (2), Portugal (1), Spain, 1 and Italy (1).

The two editions of the Women’s