The event will comprise of the World University Championship (WUC) Futsal competition for Men and Women. The tournament shall be organized using FISU Futsal technical regulations, accompanied by the International Football Association (FIFA) technical regulations for Futsal.

Regarding specific event equipment, all technical requirements of balls, scoring equipment, etc shall be met. All allocated competition and warm-up venues and all event equipment shall be in regard to FIFA regulation standards.

Further technical info, such as playing time, seeding, competition draw, etc will be established by FISU in straight cooperation with FISU Technical Delegate and LOC, according FIFA rules and regulations.

Days of Competition: 8 days – August, 2012 (from Opening ceremony till closing ceremony)

Team Training: Available when teams arrive, at least three days in advance

Competition format

According to FISU Technical Regulation, the maximum number of teams in one competition is 16; minimum number of teams is 6. If the number of entries is less than 6, the event may be held as an FISU-Cup or can be cancelled.

The last WUC Futsal edition hosted 16 male teams and 6 female teams. It proposes, in a 16 team tournament:

1. The 16 teams taking part in the competition are divided into four groups of four teams.

2. The teams of the four groups are divided as follows:

3. The system of play is the league system, each team playing one match against each of the other teams in the same group.

4. The two teams coming first and second in each group will qualify for the classification round for ranking places 1 – 8.

5. The two teams coming third and fourth in each group will qualify for the classification round for ranking places 9 – 16.

Classification games (Phase Two)

All the matches in the Phase Two will be played in a system of elimination (knock-out system; cup system). If, at the end of a match in Phase Two the result is a, the penalty kicks will be taken to determine the winner, according to the FIFA Regulations.

If a final game (for 1st and 2nd place) ends in a draw, extra time will be played, according to FIFA Regulations.

All teams will be placed from 1st – 16th according to the final rankings.

Arrangements will be made in order to attribute male and female individual awards.