Event Services


The competitions will be organised in accordance with the most recent technical regulations of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), international governing body of futsal. In any dispute, the English text will be regarded as authoritative.

The programme and duration of the competitions are fixed by the FISU Executive Committee in agreement with the Organising Committee and the CTI. The tournament will be indoor and competitions will last seven (7) days, including:
- One (1) men’s tournament
- One (1) women’s tournament

Each country is authorised to enter a maximum of seventeen (17) persons from which maximum twelve (12) and minimum ten (10) competitors and five (5) officials per tournament.
Each country may enter:
- One (1) men team of twelve (12) players (5 effectives and 7 substitutes)
- One (1) women team of twelve (12) players (5 effectives and 7 substitutes)

At the first General Technical Meeting, the Head of Delegation or his representative shall confirm and sign the official list of the accredited competitors by the CISCA.

The countries participating in the futsal tournament must bring with their delegations and at their own costs:
- Men’s tournament: one (1) international FIFA Futsal referee,
- Women’s tournament: one (1) international FIFA Futsal referee.

These countries must provide the Organising Committee three (3) months before the start of the championship, with the names of two (2) international FIFA referees (1 effective + 1 non-travelling substitute) per team.

Any country failing to fulfil this obligation will pay a fee (Art.5.3) per referee to the Organising Committee.

The countries participating in the futsal tournament must pay a deposit (Article 5.4.4) to guarantee the participation of their team. This deposit must be paid to FISU in a term determined by the Executive Committee; otherwise the entry will not be taken into consideration.


All Delegations will be accommodated at the University of Minho Campus Hotel – Lloyd Braga. FISU officials and referees will be accommodated at the Hotel Melia (, Parque or Templo ( and Hotel de Lamaçães ( All are graded 4 and 3 star hotels, the best the city has to offer, with fantastic facilities, a breathtaking view of the city and within 10 minutes from the sports halls.

Concerning the Delegation, extra-officials must pay a participation fee regarding full board and event services established at 120€ per person/night.

The daily participation fee (per day per person) is fixed by FISU Executive Committee.

Regarding the Hotels, the number of persons per room will be defined at a later stage by the OC, with a maximum of 2 persons per room and with each Delegation being allocated one individual room for the Head of Delegation.

All rooms have bathroom facilities and daily room maintenance. As for internet service, free Wi-Fi internet access is guaranteed.

Regarding laundry facilities, the University of Minho Campus Hotel – Lloyd Braga is equipped with laundry.

Lloyd Braga is a pioneer facility with regards to energy consumption and alternative forms of energy use.
Both air and water heating are provided by solar panels and the facility is equipped with motion sensor lighting using LED lamps. These have a 77% lower consumption rate and a life-time of 5 to 10 times longer than that of fluorescent lamps.


Transfers from Porto International Airport will be assured by a special shuttle service according the arrival and departure schedules. The Organising Committee will also provide a smooth transportation system for FISU delegates, VIP and special guests.

A bus line between hotels and competition/training venues will be set up to serve delegations during the competition period. A routine schedule will be handed out with provision of buses every 25 minutes between designated points.

This internal circuit will be run by 100% environmentally friendly buses as result of innovative technology to reduce fleet emissions and so contribute to the cities air quality, energy and noise reduction strategies.


The catering service is located 2 minutes on foot from the main sport facility and 5 minutes by bus from the Hotels. Regarding the Menus, all meals will be served in buffet style with a mixed variety of meat and fish, accompanied with rice, potato or pasta and various vegetables and salad. The OC will seek that the menus are changed on a daily basis and are in accordance with general healthy food.

The necessary efforts will be made to attend the needs of vegetarian and other special types of meals. Teams are requested to inform us of these specifics so as to provide proper catering.

A reserved area will be available only to event participating members, therefore avoiding peak demand situations. The catering service will work from 11am to 3pm for lunch, and 6pm to 11pm for dinner. Breakfast will be served at the Hotels.

University of Minho Social Services Catering Department implemented the food safety management systems, according to ISO 22000:2005


An Accreditation office will be set up in University of Minho Campus Hotel – Lloyd Braga. All participants must obtain accreditation from FISU CIC committee (Athlete’s, Officials and Referees) or from the Organising Committee (staff, guests and volunteers) in order to manage Hotel check-in, event facilities access, meals admission and general event functions.

Accreditation is given according to each participants function and by submitting individual entry forms into the Organizing Committee and FISU until a previously established date.

Delegation members and other participants will kindly be asked to send an individual photo (digital format if possible) of each delegation member (with the name and function) in order to prepare the final card before the delegation arrival.

The individual dossier for each competitor to be presented to the CIC must be written either in French, English, Russian or Spanish (official working languages of FISU), and stamped with a seal from the relevant FNSU. The dossier must include:

1 - a passport or identity card (in one of the FISU working languages - French or English) which shall include:
a. name and surname (in capitals)
b. nationality, date and place of birth
c. a recent photograph

2 - If a current student (Art. 5.2.1a):
a. a document proving that he has satisfied the conditions normally required in his/her country for entrance to a university or similar institute;
b. a FISU Eligibility Form stamped and signed by FNSU and University or similar institute or student card or certificate from the appropriate national academic authority certifying that the competitor is currently officially registered as proceeding towards a degree or diploma at a university or similar institute whose status is recognised by the appropriate national academic authority of their country;
c. if a former student (Art. 5.2.1b): proof of the date he obtained his final academic degree or diploma;
d. if a pupil (Art. 5.2.2): a certificate of study signed, by hand, by the responsible official of the establishment certifying the date of entry into that establishment and that the competitor has been regularly attending that establishment for at least two 82) years.

A no-paper accreditation project will be developed with FISU – the aim will be to fully manage accreditation solely with use of IT resources. Concerning the eligibility certificates, tertiary education institutes on-site information will be used.


According to the required WUC medical assistance, the OC will provide permanent assistance to all participants in the event, with full time presence of medical doctors and physiotherapists.

Due to the fact that University of Minho has a Health and Sciences School with qualified and experienced staff, the OC will establish an agreement through close cooperation in order to assure good medical and first aid assistance during the event, including assistance at Braga hospital.

Sports rapid-response and first-aid technical courses will be provided to UMinho students by the country’s top specialists in these fields.


The WUC Futsal Organizing Committee will estimate the necessary number of volunteers to guarantee the smooth running of the event in accordance with FISU specifications and OC strategic intentions.

Volunteers will be recruited between University of Minho and secondary school. Foreign volunteers shall be integrated into the event with a specific program being designed in collaboration with the FISU.

Integrated in the Braga 2012 European Capital of Youth agenda, a pioneer volunteer program will be put into action integrating not only the local youth but similarly foreign students studying the University of Minho.

Sports rapid-response and first-aid technical courses will be provided to UMinho students by the country’s top specialists in these fields.


Protocol will be handled in general according to the most recent FISU-regulations. The OC has the intention of involving academic groups from University of Minho in the major protocol ceremonies and events.

Opening Ceremony will be staged respecting the following programme:

1 - Playing of the national anthem of the organising country and rising up the flag of the host country.
2 - March pass of the participating countries. Each delegation is preceded by a panel with its name and accompanied with its flag. The delegations will march in the alphabetic order of the language of the country organising the Games or in one of the FISU official language, the host country marching in last. The flags of the participating delegations as well as the panels will be provided by the Organising Committee and will all be of the same size.
3 - The President of the Organising Committee gives a welcome speech of maximum three (3) minutes.
4 - FISU EC Representative gives a speech of maximum 3 minutes and invites the highestauthority of the host country present to declare the event open.
5 - The highest authority of the host country present declares the games open.
6 - Arrival of the FISU flag.
7 - Playing of the FISU anthem and raising up the FISU flag.
8 - The participants leave the area to take place in the tribunes reserved for them to attend the rest of the ceremony.
9 - Cultural programme.

Closing ceremony will at least include the following event:

1 - Playing the national anthem of the host country
2 - Entrance of the flags of the participating countries
3 - March pass of the participants in mixed order.
4 - Closing speech of the President of the Organising Committee
5 - Closing speech of the FISU EC.
6 - Handing-on of the FISU flag.
7 - Playing of the FISU anthem and lowering down of the FISU flag.
8 - Cultural program

For the victory ceremonies of medal awarding to the victors, the national flags of the first three will be raised and the Gaudeamus Igitur will be played. The President of FISU or the person(s) delegated by him will give the medals to the victors. The official languages shall be English, French and the language of the Organising Country.


The Press Centre will be located at the University of Minho Sport Complex in Gualtar (Braga). Experienced staff will assist local, national and international press elements. Facilities for media with international standards will be provided during the event being International Press accreditation required by the OC.

The event website will be updated regularly with pre-event information and other relevant information such as match draws, results and statistics. Live result scoring is being studied as a possibility for the event as well as further technological developments that can be set up.

Adding to the state-of-the-art facilities proposed for all forms of media coverage for the event, the LOC will establish an event partnership with the University of Minho Departament of Comunication Sciences for on-site learning and training possibilities for its students.